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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brunch with Grands

Grand-daddy is in town visiting us. We've been having some fun. Sunday we went to brunch at Village Inn and Rebekah was a hoot...a challenge and a handful, but a hoot. She insisted she HAD to have a cheeseburger. No, I don't like pancakes today! Yada yada. Well, the food comes and she eats fries, but will not even pick up the cheeseburger. "I don't want that cheeseburger, let's go to Burger King."

So Daddy shares one of his pancakes with her and Andrew & Nathan share hash browns and scrambled eggs with her. We told her next time she doesn't get a choice, we're getting the Village Inn Funny Face breakfast for her!

Here she is eating her pancake with her fork.

Once home, we got pictures of the kids with Grands before they got out of their good clothes. Rebekah would only be in the photo if we promised she could take photos afterwards.
She took one of 'the boys' and then Andrew's shoes.

By then, Sean is insisting she needs to give the camera back. Here's what she took at that point.

After a time out and lots of tears, she said she agrees that she should obey when we tell her to give the camera back.

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