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Monday, May 04, 2009

Dino-mite Time!

Also managed to go to a cool dino museum with Poppa & Grandma. It was nice because there were interactive things to do and hands on exhibits and activities. The kids (young and old) enjoyed digging for bones in the fossil cases. It was fun to use the brushes and search for bones.

There was also lots of fun at the crayon rubbings table. We had fun doing rubbings and guessing what they were.

Lots of cool models of what we thing these animals looked like.

Just a relaxing and fun time.

Here are a few photos Rebekah took before we left. She insisted that she needed a turn with my camera. Since she was doing a good job, Sean let her take a dozen or so photos. Here's a few of the "Best of Rebekah" photos:

1 comment:

MommyRU said...

She's getting good with the camera!

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