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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who pays the weatherman anyway?

OK--I made several errors yesterday. First off, I decided I was too tired to make it to the 10 o'clock news so I watched the 9 o'clock Fox news. Big mistake. First off, their weatherman irritates me just with his voice. So I'm not happy when he's talking. Then there was his forecast for snow flurries which didn't make me happy. But he assured all of us there would be NO FLURRIES until after 9am and stopping by 4pm. He also PROMISED nothing would stick to the ground because there wouldn't be enough falling to stick, and it would barely be enough to call a flurry, etc., etc., etc.

So at 7:30am when the snow is falling so fast you can hardly see, I'm a little extra-peeved at the guy. What was I thinking to watch him in the first place?!?!

On the funny side, Rebekah came crawling up the stairs after breakfast. Our friend Tyler spent the night and when she stops halfway up the steps, it made him a little more than a little nervous. After she stopped halfway up the stairs, she points out the front window saying, "Look at that!" She kept saying, "Look at that" and "What is it?" I told her it's snow. She tried saying "so" but kept going back to, "Look at that!"

I could only snap one picture of the "Look at that" that "didn't stick" (HA) to the ground before the three kids scattered. So eyes are closed, mouths are hanging open (yelling Snowball) and Rebekah is trying to figure out what the yelling is for. (Click the image and it will open really big for you to see.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, Robyn, just so you know, we DID watch the other 3 weather reports and the ALL said the same ,,, flurries today. And it wasn't suppose to start until noon. So guess only God knows the weather.... LOL

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