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Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh Nathan!

First off, the title, "Oh, Nathan!" My girlfriend Holly blogged that they find themselves saying, "Oh, Samantha" to their daughter all the time. I laughed at how cute it is that Samantha has so many antics. Then I started hearing how often I say, "Oh, Nathan." Hmmm--maybe that's why Holly's blog was so funny to me.

This morning, Nathan was trying(?) to be helpful. He woke up and got himself totally dressed---OVER his pajamas. I think he knew he was goofing around because he hid his clean underwear back in his dresser so I wouldn't see it. What a goof. Beyond the clothes (can you see the navy pj's sticking out?), he was wearing the Michael Jackson one glove and clutching his Dash PEZ dispenser (from the Incredibles) for dear life.

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