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Friday, November 09, 2007

Husker Fun Day

OK---I've gotten so many things in my inbox that I can't not share these with you. We're still Husker fans, but you gotta admit these are still pretty funny.

Where's the safest place to be during a tornado in Lincoln?
Memorial Stadium, they never get touch downs there.

This next one must be true, I heard it from a reliable source.
Nick, the guy who told me, has a second cousin who's ex-wife's new son-in-law is a janitor at the University Bookstore. (Told you it was a reliable source.)

Anyway, it's more than a rumor, but it appears Bill Callahan will not be fired. He will be resigning to take a new coaching position.

Bill was, as recently as last week, approached by the US Olympic Committee to come on board full time. It is further rumored that he will become the head coach for the illustrious US Bobsled team. After an interview with Olympic officials, they were unbelievably impressed with the manner in which Callahan is able to get a team to go downhill faster than any coach in modern history!

I also have a song to upload, but not sure how I can do it on the Blog. Will keep working and post it if I find a way.

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