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Friday, July 17, 2015

Village at Copper Mountain Activity Pass Fun Times

Disclosure: I was provided free passes in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried to plan a vacation that appeals to an elementary aged, a middle school aged, a high schooler, adults and senior adults? Might I tell you up front--good luck! Good news for me, we booked a vacation at Copper Mountain in Colorado. We were able to stay in a condo at "The Villages." Our condo happened to be in East Village, but it's a 4 minute walk (or take the free shuttle) to Center Village where all the main action and attractions are located.

We got the summer activity passes (you can purchase daily passes for $49 or season passes for $109). My readers can save $10 off a daily pass or $20 off a season pass with this coupon. We used daily passes which gives unlimited lake activities (bumper boats and lake bikes), lift rides, Diggler, mini golf, equiptment hauling, and climbing wall. You also get 3 Bungee jumps (trampoline), 1 Zip Line, and 1 GoKart ride. There's more fun in a pass than you can imagine. And there was something for each one of the age brackets on our trip.

Zipline & Water Activities:

Almost all of us tried out the zipline. It goes over the (shallow) lake and the folks in the water boats may try to squirt you with water. But, thankfully, no matter how close they are, they can't reach you. Phew. The water boats and water bikes were a big hit. We managed to get there early on a couple of days and were able to spend almost an hour on the boats/bikes with nobody else in the water. When other familes would arrive, we would graciously give up our boats and move to the next activity. But the water activities were our go-to favorite at all times. 


A diggler is an all terrain scooter. The base is a little wider (more like a skateboard) and the wheels are thicker and can go over dirt as well as cememt. The younger kids loved riding these (although we saw many teens & adults on them, too). One quiet afternoon, Rebekah even got to race Ben--the man in charge of digglers. It was a strong race, but Rebekah prevailed. 

Bungee Jump:

The bungee jump was not what I expected. It is really a trampoline jump with bungees to help you go higher and be able to do acrobatics that you might not normally be able to do. It was a lot of fun and Rebekah's #1 favorite activity. She bounced as many times in a day as she could and she mastered the backflip. All three of my kids and dad & I did the bungee jump. Lots of fun!

Go Karts:

Copper Mountain boasts of having the only go kart track in Summit County. And what a fun track it is. With 7 minute rides, you can really get some racing in during a go kart race. We could be found at the track every day. Sean & I are go kart kids at heart so we made sure to use all of our kart passes. 

Rock Wall & Mini-Golf:

The rock wall looked like fun, but not one of us is truly a climber so we may have gotten a photo or two, but left the climbing to those with real skills. We did spend time on the golf course repeatedly. It's a fun little 18 hole course with some unique hazards and traps built in. We did a lot of laughing and made great memories on the links. 

Ski Lift and Center Village Open Air Park Area:

The ski lift runs year round in Center Village. The American Eagle lift is smooth and relaxing. It's about a 15 minute ride each way and when you reach the top, you can learn about the equiptment used on the mountain, stop for a bite to eat in the restaurant, or you can have your bike hauled up on the lift so you can take the amazing mountain bike trails down. Lots of choices. We went on the ride to catch the views and they were spectacular!

Ski Lift View
Ski Lift View of Center Village

"The Square" and playground in Center Village

All in all, our time spent at Copper Mountain made us feel like kings on top of the world. We look forward to returning soon for another relaxing mountain getaway. 

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