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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AMC Announces Expansion of Sensory Program #SensoryBlogHop

When I attended the Autism Society of Anerica National Convention, I was thrilled to hear from AMC Officials that they will be expanding their Sensory Friemdly Movie program later this year.

If you've never heard of the program, AMC was the first movie theater chain to launch "sensory friendly" film showings. Currently held on specific Saturday's at 10:00 am, the movie is shown without trailers, the lights are left up a little bit, and the sound is turned down. Wandering is allowed and while we are working to teach our kids when you can (and can't) talk in a theater, the atmosphere is more relaxed. Currently the program includes G or PG films. They are all geared at younger children. The next film will be August 22 when they will show "Underdogs." To see the titles and participating locations, click here for the listing.

But as the population with sensory needs is growing (and aging), AMC realizes they need to add to what they have. Coming this fall, there will be a second date added each month and they will be showing films that are gears towards a little big older audience and they will include some PG13 films in the series. Since my son with autism is now 13, I was thankful to hear this news. He's managaed to move from sensory friendly to a regular movie, but he has friends who still can't do it. I'm grateful to AMC for recognizing the need and expanding the program.

Did you know about the Sensory Friendly Films? And what do you think about the expansion?

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Unknown said...

How cool! My kids always hold their ears until the movie begins. My three year has to sit on my lap. This would be great!

Full Spectrum Mama said...


Jackie said...

Great news. I prefer the sensory friendly movies as much as my kids!

Mommy Evolution said...

Great tip! I know of many families who take advantage of these special screenings. I'm so glad to see they are expanding them.

Thanks for being a part of the sensory blog hop on The Sensory Spectrum!

Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution & The Sensory Spectrum

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