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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My "Baby" is now 7

Does anyone know where my chubby cheeked, diaper rump, toothless smiles babies went? They seem to have all disappeared from my home. Now we have a teen, a tween and a youth. There are no more babies in our home. While I love their ages and independence (ok--and their self-toileting skills), I do find birthdays the day that I reflect on the little squishy babies that used to be in our home. And--just for the day--I miss the babies.

So here are some photos of my precious Rebekah and her 7th birthday. She got to have a 'movie theater birthday party' where she and her friends saw Monsters University. We had the best row in the house reserved for us (in a packed theater) and a tuxedo clad usher to lead us to our seats. All the kiddos got a kiddie combo of popcorn, soda and gummies. Afterwards, we had cake and ice cream and  presents. And did Rebekah ever get the presents!! Her friends know her so well and she LOVED every single gift she got. From Barbies to puzzles to art kits to nail polish to stuffed animals and more. There was no end to the awesome gifts.

And now, we present Rebekah the Seven Year Old Girl!!!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

My daughter would have loved this party. She turned 10 this year.

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