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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mega Blocks Mommy Party

I can not even begin to tell you the excitement in our house upon receiving a giant box of Barbie Mega Blocks. I was invited to host a Mommy Party to showcase the new Barbie Mega Blocks. 

I admit that I thought Mega Blocks were more of the preschool/early elementary sized bricks, but they are actually the bricks that are about the size of Legos. 

We got a Barbie Mega Block Mansion and a Swimming Pool, plus small gifts for each girl. Each girl could have either an Ice Cream Cart kit or a Fashion Blend. Each girl definately showed their own unique style in choosing their take home kit. 

We did have a load of fun with the small kits in particular. However, for our 2 hour party, I was planning to have the girls help me build the mansion and pool and then let them play. I had no idea what an undertaking this would be. The girls are all 6 years old and they did NOT have the focus to stick with it that long. They put their mini kits together and played while my son who loves the other bricks and kits helped me assemble. Eventually, we called in my teenager and my husband to help finish. It took us just over 3 hours for the mansion. Once it was finally built, the girls came back on another day to play with it. (They had to leave before  it was finished.) 

Now that it is up and usable, they come over to play with it all the time. The mansion has rooms that are interchangeable so you can rearrange the floor-plan in many ways. They especially enjoy moving the garden to the kitchen or bathroom area. Crazy girls!!

I found the putting together to be sort of a pain, but the girls really do enjoy the finished product. The whole neighborhood of girls can be found over here on various days playing with the mansion and pool. You can find Mega Blocks on Facebook as well as online. 

Big brother helping mom assemble. 

Some of the happy girls!!

Here is the construction and then the final product: 
Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for my review. I did not receive any other compensation and all thoughts are my own. 

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MommyRU said...

Looks like a blast...we are mega block fans!

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