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Friday, February 08, 2013

Purecussion - Indoor Drum Line - Performance

Here is the season opening performance by Purecussion, an indoor drum line. Their show, titled Recess, is a look at the antics on a playground. This was the first performance of the season and I hope to get more video as the costumes arrive, floor is finished and all three movements are performed. (Also--to the rest of the frontline and the basses--sorry, I didn't realize you weren't in the shot. I set the camera and moved away....will try again this weekend.)

These groups are more intense than most people realize. The kids give up every Saturday to rehearse and perform plus 1-2 rehearsals a week. Precision is demanded but they are required to add artistry to the precision. It's been an interesting process to watch as the kids find the balance. 

Andrew is the next to the last marimba (wooden xylophone looking instrument) on the right. He's also the one who crashes the cymbal in the opening to wake up the drummer. 

Enjoy Recess!! 


Angela said...

That was AWESOME!!!

Brad Merrell said...

That's pretty cool

kathy dalton said...

how amazing that these kids give up their days off at school...what an interesting blog you have...

Unknown said...

That was great. The drum line was one of my fondest memories of high school football games. Our school line would always face off with the opposing school line during half time. Great memories!

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