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Monday, May 14, 2012

Recalls Plus App Review

I'm new to the world of smartphones, but I am finding some real benefits to having one. I found out about a new app that can be used on Facebook, Android or iPhones. It's called Recalls Plus. And--great news for money conscious moms--it's a FREE app. Just download and go.

SheSpeaksbutton  It puts the recalls from several government sites together in one location. You can set it up to search and push relevant recalls to you. Since I still have one child in a car seat, car seats is one I set up to monitor. If a recall happens in my criteria, it will push a notification to me. Otherwise, I can open the app at anytime and have the whole list available to look at.

I want to be sure to mention that this new app allows you to keep track of child product and food allergen recalls, as well as keep an eye on products your children use most with Personal Watch Lists. The food recalls really interested me after recently getting ill off of bad food. It's easy to use and has great information.

I was so excited that SheSpeaks provided the opportunity to download and review this app. If you would like to try it, go to the Reecalls Plus Download Page to download the app. And to keep up with all the latest news on Recalls Plus and SheSpeaks, please follow on twitter @shespeaksup and @recallsplus and use the #RecallsPlus hashtag.

If you like to remain up to date on recall information for children's products (like toys and equipment) and/or food recalls, be sure to give the free app a try.

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