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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Fun Times Swimming

We recently had a little hotel stay and got to be where there were water slides. Great fun!!! The kids were wrinkled prunes and got to spend a lot of time swimming, sliding and splashing.

Isn't she beautiful??

They had a kiddie pool with two small slides that Rebekah enjoyed going down.

But, as you can see, she also loves going down the BIG slide "all by herself". She made the height requirement and was thrilled to be a big kid.

Nathan also had tons of fun sliding down the water slides and swimming.

Andrew also enjoyed the pool and both of the big slides...but he's a wily teenager who doesn't like having his picture taken. So this is the best photo I have. Back-lit and you can't see him. At least he's happy about it. Haha

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