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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Xia-Xia Review and Giveaway

Have you heard about the new cool toy called Xia-Xia (pronounced shah-shah)? These are colorful, collectible hermit crabs. They celebrate Carnivale every day. Each Xia-Xia comes with a shell that holds a treasure inside (two friends).

There are several playsets available for Xia-Xia crabs. And there's a carry case available to store your crabs and accessories inside to take to a friend's house.

Here's the playset showing all the crabs.

We invited all the neighborhood girls over to play Xia-Xia with us. It was cool out, but supposed to be the last nice day for a while. They insisted on playing outside on the porch. Who am I to argue?

Me taking pictures out the front door as they played away.

Even Nathan wanted to have a Xia-Xia to play with. He picked blue since it's a little more manly than all the pink and purple ones. 

Rebekah showing off the dolls that she made the mommies of the crabs. They play in the playhouse, too.

Overall, I couldn't believe that the girls kept playing and playing. I wasn't sure it would hold their interest all that long. They were playing for more than two hours and would have kept going, but it started to rain and moms called them home. They've been over a few times since then, carrying their Xia-Xia's and joining in for more fun.

The crabs do move and walk. We tried to get a video, but they didn't really want to stop playing to let me in with my camera.

I asked the girls some questions about Xia-Xia and here's a few answers:
What did you like most? Shells, designs and how they look
What is your favorite playset (Rio de Trio Village, Copacabana Playset or Confetti Cottage)? They chose the Copacabana because it has a slide and balcony.
Do you like the Little Friends that come with Xia-Xia? YES!! That was the girls' favorite part. They loved the penguin, ducky and cupcake the most.

All in all, they had a great time learning about Xia-Xia and still play with them. 

Would you like to win a Xia-Xia character and a bonus decorative shell pack? 
One lucky reader will win a character and a bonus decorative shell pack. If you are reading this in your email or on Facebook, be sure to visit the site to register to win! (Contest ends 11/18.)

Disclosure: I was provided these toys for review purposes. Receiving these items did not affect my review. 


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I would love to own Turks!

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I like Tabago.

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My son would like Tobago!

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I love Turks! Too cute!


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My Charlie would love Tobango

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I like Bimini, but my Daughter really wants Turks, lol

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