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Monday, October 31, 2011

Husker Heroes 2011

Husker Heroes 2011 was fantastic!!!!
Above the kids & I pose with Herbie Husker, Lil Red and some of the dance squad.
Belos: Sean & the Dance Squad (aka: New Facebook Profile Picture)

One of the first athletes we met was a swimmer named....REBEKAH!! Spelled 'correctly' as Rebekah and Rebekah discussed. They had a mutual admiration thing going. Later, we read Rebekah Land's profile and discovered she also has a brother named Nathan. Wow!

Kids with the dance squad...possibly our Christmas Card Photo.

Another possible Christmas Card Contender. With the cheerleaders this time.

Nathan with Maurio Bondi, Place Kicker. He has the most stunning blue eyes!

Here's Tear'a Laudermill (Point Guard--considered one of the fastest in the nation) against Rebekah in a dribbling drill. Tear'a played a game yesterday afternoon then came out at night for the Husker Heroes Event. Rebekah thinks the game wore her out because, "I beat her 'cause I'm faster than her." 
You can read more about Tear'a and the entire event at the Husker Sports Website.

Nathan & Andrew decided to go up against each other. Andrew was leading until Sean jumped out at him and caused him to lose the ball. 

Nathan hitting softballs.

Rebekah crawled under the side-stepper instead of using it the 'appropriate' way.

Rebekah tackling.

Nathan & Andrew tackling.

Rebekah got a Lady Bug painted on her face.

Andrew kicking at the soccer station.

Nathan kicking at the soccer station.

With more football players.

Overall, we once again had an amazing time at this event. The athletes are so wonderful and they truly celebrate every achievement the kids make during the evening. It was a blast and we hope we can go again next year. 


Cheryl St.John said...

Great photos!

Emy said...

It seems like the kids had an awesome time!

I'm a new follower from one of the weekend hops; hope you can follow back :-)

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