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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zoo Trip with Poppa and Grandma

Here are my monkeys at the zoo.

The new giraffe exhibit was amazing. We got some lettuce leaves to feed the giraffes. Andrew was grossed out by the giraffe saliva (gross spit as he called it), but Rebekah and Nathan seemed amazed by the long tongues.

Daddy holds Rebekah up to feed a giraffe.

Go Nathan, go! Wasn't sure if he'd like feeding the animals or not. He did great. His biggest problem was that he didn't want to run out of lettuce, so he was breaking off minuscule pieces for the poor animals. They'd starve waiting to get enough from him. I finally convinced him to go with larger pieces.

Andrew's last leaf for a giraffe. Too much gross spit.

Grandma almost got a giraffe kiss.

Even Robyn got in on the act.

Cute Nathan climbing rocks.

Mega-watt smile. She loved feeding and petting the giraffes.

Carousel Ride

Too cute for words. Poppa and Grandma holding Rebekah's hand with Nathan scampering ahead.

Finally got all three of them together.

It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast. We covered a lot of ground and saw some animals we don't normally see. Most of all, we got to wander around with Poppa & Grandma and have a great time.

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