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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Golf Fun

Spring Break was wonderful!!! Wish it could have lasted forever...
We got to visit our Poppa & Grandma S. and crammed a lot of fun into our time with them. On the way into town, we saw the Statue of Liberty from the road...and a immediately started asking to go to THAT mini-golf place.

So our first full day found us mini-golfing. We meant to get back, but weather conspired against us when we had planned to return. We did wonders around the world.

Sean putts through the 'guards' who did a lovely job of marking the entrance.

Then Rebekah stood for a brother salute.

Go Rebekah, Go!!!

Grandma joined Rebekah under the elephant. In summer, you couldn't get so close to the pachyderm as it would be standing in a big water hazard.

Rebekah & Mom at the Statue of Liberty.

Poppa and Nathan wait their turn.

We had an excellent time and everyone (even Rebekah) managed to get one hole in one. Loads of fun in the sun.

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