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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hockey Games are Fun

Over Christmas Break, we had the opportunity to go see a hockey game with my folks, my sis and bro and our whole family. We made quite the parade into the arena.

Rebekah practiced hitting a puck (with the Chilly hat) and the nice man gave her a puck as a souvenir.

Andrew & Tio played hockey. (Or Andrew played and Tio tried to mess him up.) I think it leveled the playing field for the littler kids.

Our Tio pulled a few strings and managed to get the mascot to come by our seats to take photos (there were cheerleaders with him) and give the kids a gift bag.

(Rebekah keeps pointing out that the cheerleaders belly buttons were showing. I guess she gets in trouble for showing hers because she lifts her shirt over her head. We're trying to explain belly buttons are ok, rest of body is not.)

We got to experience the whole gamut of events while there. The game went into overtime, then to a shootout. We had to go through about 10 rounds of shootouts until our team won. Hooray! It was Guns & Hoses night so the firefighters and police were there and did an exhibition game after the big game.

I had to get a self-portrait of Sean & I to prove I do attend family events.

The kids had fun, we had fun, our team won, it was an unforgettable night.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice! I love hockey games. I haven't been to one this year yet...I'm hoping to get at least ONE in. Hockey is the only sport I like to watch...and only when I'm there. It's the most fun that way. :)


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