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Saturday, January 01, 2011

About Me

My name is Robyn and I'm mom to three wonderful children and a my husband (also occasionally known as my fourth child). My kids are now in high school (Andrew), middle school (Nathan) and elementary school (Rebekah). I started blogging as a way to connect my extended family to the events and happenings of our home, but found my blog spiraling into new areas and directions. I've been able to use my love of writing and PR to help introduce products and services to readers. The reviews and giveaways took off and now I try to offer an eclectic mix of family, fun, tips, reviews and giveaways.

My kids are my joy, so when you learn about me, you learn about them.
Andrew loves music and band and he joins many clubs and activities (he gets that from me). He was one of the youngest members of a competitive indoor percussion group last year--we're very proud. He is also kind and generous with his time. He volunteers for many groups that serve the under-served. 
Nathan loves music, Star Wars and Ninjas. He is on the autism spectrum and has inspired me to become involved with the Autism Society. I'm on the state board and co-chair the annual fundraising walk in our area. Nathan is a Twice Exceptional (2E) child. That means he's extremely gifted and has a learning disability (in his case, autism). I blog occasionally at to help offer insight and support to other parents living with autism. 
Rebekah is the baby, the only girl and is spoiled rotten by her father, her brothers...and possibly me. She loves all things pink and princess and she always looks darling in her skirts, ruffles and tutus while running down the soccer field or playing in the muck with the neighborhood boys. She's a fantastic girly-girl tomboy who loves to color and cuddle. 
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