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Monday, December 06, 2010

When Grandma Came to Visit...

On long days like today was, I like to pull out memories that I've tucked away in order to bring a smile to my face. I realized I never blogged about our visit from Grandma. She got to come and stay with us for two weeks at the end of October while Poppa stayed home with the dogs and did some renovations on their house. We missed seeing Poppa and the dogs, but gosh did we have fun with Grandma!!!!

The picture above is Grandma by the big locomotive at the train museum. We went there because there was a "dirt" exhibit. OK--it was "Soil", but soil and dirt look the same to me.

I did find it fascinating to see how different the soil looks in various parts of the country.

Grandma & the boys learn about how the soil is created/enriched.


Rebekah kept going off on her own and didn't want photos taken. So here are the boys with Grandma in a trolley car.

Sneaky mom caught all three kids looking at trains in the train yard.

After our tour, we stopped for a snack at the snack bar. It's a tradition. Popcorn and tootsie rolls. Rebekah loves the food.

Grandma & I had fun.

So on a very long Monday, I'm smiling big remembering all the fun we had together at the museum.

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