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Monday, December 27, 2010

Mommy's Favorite Christmas Gift

What could be in the GIANT box?!?!

It's a My Twinn box. For those of you who don't know, My Twinn makes look-alike dolls. I spotted an ad for them about 15 years ago before we ever had children. I saved the ad knowing that someday I'd make one for one of my kiddos. When we had two boys, I thought that someday I'd make one of me. But when Rebekah came along, I knew I might get to buy one. But every year, it's just more money than I really want to spend on one child.

Praise God---I WON a doll. I entered a giveaway on another blog and won a custom made My Twinn Doll. I thank God for this great win because it's been the desire of my heart since before I had children. Now to compare doll to child...

Rebekah (the doll) is in the box and is half the size of Rebekah (the girl).

Rebekah and her Twinn

Rebekah loves her new Rebekah doll.

I even found the matching outfit for Rebekah (the girl) so they can dress alike, too.

It was the gift I was the most excited about and the greatest valued win that I got this year. We were all laughing so hard by Saturday night. The doll had lost one hair ribbon (found it) and one pony tail was half out. We tried to fix the pony tails and they were lopsided after only a few minutes---just like the live Rebekah. And yes, I'm setting aside money  now so that someday when Rebekah is old enough, we can send the Rebekah doll back to the "hospital" and have her restored to heirloom quality. In the meantime, I'm letting them play together and have a great time.

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