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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 15 mintues of fame...

It looks like I'm in line to get my 15 minutes of fame tomorrow. I am part of the Mom Select team with Maria Bailey. She hosts a radio show called Mom Talk Radio. I was contacted this week and selected to participate in a round table discussion with Maria and one other mom. I'll be part of the next to the last segment on tomorrow's broadcast.

I'm excited--and a bit nervous--to be on a national radio talk show for moms. I'll be sure to link up here when the podcast of the show goes online. I'm praying that I put that acting degree to good use and that I won't stammer or sound like an idiot on national radio. Thankfully, it's voice only. Phew!

Send me a few prayers tomorrow if you don't mind. I'm taping my portion around the lunch hour, but the show airs on Sunday. Most of the airtimes on the station schedule I received are Sunday  evening.

1 comment:

maria bailey said...

Can't wait to have you on! Nothing to be nervous about, let's just chat! Looking forward to it.

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