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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Fun

The boys were out of school one day last week so we got Rebekah after preschool, got lunch and went to the museum. If you haven't discovered it yet, I'm a museum lover. I particularly like obscure museums--but I reserve the right to deem what is obscure to our family.

On this day, we went to a museum that isn't really obscure, but we managed to find some of the more obscure things to do. The whole thing is based on trains and train stations. But, we focused on the Native American exhibit and sort of ignored the trains.

Cowgirl Rebekah wanted to have a picture with the buffalo.
Inside a tee pee, you can have a fire. Got Andrew in for a photo (a rare event these days) and Rebekah has to stick out her tongue. UGH!!!

Andrew took off and I got a nicer photo of the fire.

Rebekah & Nathan inside a tee pee on a pelt.

I never seem to be in any of the photos because I'm taking them of everyone else. Being a rebel, I did a self-portrait with a steam engine in the background. See, there are trains in the 'Indian Museum'. :-)

Rebekah and Sean took pity on me.
Sean & I posed while Rebekah took our picture. Nice job, sis.

Rebekah loves making the piston work by shooting the black cap into the air.

Nathan gets the wheels turning.

Andrew tries to find the best wheels to use for a train to keep it on the track.

We had a fantastic time and a great family fun day. It was nice to have Daddy to ourselves for the whole day and we even got ice cream after the museum. Top it off with pizza for dinner and it was a winner of a day.

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