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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Girl

Went with MOPS friends to an indoor gym for kids. Rebekah wasn't too sure about most of the equipment for the time we were there. She finally decided she liked lots of the stuff in the last 10 minutes. Think we'll have to go again for more fun.

She did, however, love the trampoline. Every part of it. She loved that it was flat to the ground. She loved the "finish line" (no wonder she kept jumping from one end to the other over the red line that tells you to stay on your side so you don't bounce into anyone). She loved jumping. I managed to get photos of her in motion....enjoy!


Hitting the trampoline...

Coming back up into the air...

Piggy tails flying (mom's favorite part)

Here's a video of the jumping bean:

We had lots of fun and hope to do this again soon.

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