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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bouncy House Christmas Party

Nathan got to go to the "Bouncy House" for an Autism Society Christmas Party. His brother had too much homework and Rebekah wasn't feeling 100% so Sean stayed with them and Nathan & Mom got to have a good time.

Nathan took a minute out of jumping to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas. I hope Santa listened well since I couldn't hear a think over the noise of the inflatables.

I even got to go down a slide with Nathan and race with him in an obstacle course. (He won since he had to keep stopping and coming back to help me.) Then I got the shots above while he was shooting hoops in the basketball inflatable.

When we were done jumping, there were snacks and crafts and Santa gave all the children a couple gifts. Nathan picked a paddle ball and a dinosaur in an egg. We made a Christmas tree ornament and had yummy snacks.

Here we are working on crafts.

Someone took this one right after I took a big bite of cookie. UGH! At least it proves I do exist in my children's lives. :-)

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