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Monday, October 06, 2008

Museum Fun

Made it to one of the museums on our 'Summer List' over the weekend. A new display was opening and Radio Disney was there in the afternoon. We had a great time and the kids danced and hula hooped to the music. Andrew kept doing trick shots with the bean bag toss.

The new exhibit is all about action and it's sort of like playing a board game where you are the pawn. You spin at each thing and do what it says (eyes closed, use your non-dominant hand, etc.) Nathan made sure he had 'safety gear' for many of the things. Here he is coming out of a safe.

Then there was a rock wall. Rebekah, the monkey, did really well. Supposed to be for ages 5 and up--ha! The two year old has it down.

There was a house with obstacles behind it. I had the kids get my picture (to prove I'm really around at these places and events) then I asked Nathan to peek through the window, too. He wasn't tall enough so all you could see were his fingers as he tried to pull up for the photo. I went over the top of the window and got a wonderful Kilroy shot.

Then we found the Van de Graaff generator and boy-howdy was that the funniest thing ever!! Sean put Rebekah on his shoulders and did the generator. Rebekah's hair went CRAZY!!! Check out these pictures. I laughed until I cried. (It was backlit so the photos were really dark. I lightened them as much as I could.) We have a video that is very dark. If I can figure a way to lighten it up, I'll add it, too.

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