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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jazz Band Announced

We are so happy to announce that the Jazz Band was announced today at school. There are only 3 pianists in Jazz Band. Andrew was one of the three!!!!

At the audition, some other kid (an 8th grader) told him that there's only been one 5th grader to ever make Jazz Band in the history of the school. (Since it's a 7th-8th grade only band, that's not surprising.) I took it as an intimidation technique, but Andrew just told the kid, "That's ok. I was told I could audition if I had 3 or more years of lessons. I've had four years, so I can try."

After the audition, the kid came back over to say, "I'm the only person who ever made Jazz Band as a 5th grader. You might be the 2nd."

Well, he is.

We were proud of him for trying and didn't really think he'd make it. There's a lot of competition this year! However, all 3 piano players have the same piano teacher. Makes me think we made the right choice in our instructor! She encouraged him and helped him with the audition piece. Next up, State Music Festival this weekend. He'll get to tell his teacher about Jazz Band at the State Competition.


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