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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family is Arriving

To all who have called, emailed and generally 'checked in' on us, I'll give you the latest updates on arrival status.

My parents drove up and arrived on Thursday night. They have been getting the condo ready for my sister & brother in law. Mom has been doing a little cooking---she's helping me with some dishes for Christmas dinner.

My sister & BIL decided to stop a few hours away from here and spend the night. Just as well, we heard the interstate was closed for a while due to an accident. Better to stay safe and rest than to be stuck in the middle of the interstate with no options. So they will be here later this morning.

Sean's mom & step-dad arrived last night. They got to our house in time for a late dinner and the kids had fun showing off to them all the 'things' we have and the 'stuff' they can do. Rebekah being who she is, deemed her Grandma a possible babysitter. Babysitter (defined by Rebekah) is a person of suspicious character who should be regarded with disdain if Dad & Mom are around and yelled at if Dad & Mom try to leave the room. Babysitters should be kept under strict scrutiny and if you are left with one--EVEN IF you have fun--you must cry hysterically upon the return of the parents so they know you have never been more miserable and more mistreated than this moment in time.

So, here's pictures of Rebekah sitting in POPPA'S lap. Poor Grandma, we hope Rebekah warms up to her more today!!!!

I will try to blog more photos after Christmas, but don't look for much posting while we have company. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with everyone.

Prayers for all of you to have a Very Merry Christmas!

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