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Monday, December 31, 2007

The best laid plans....

A "not what we expected" day. Went to go to a museum to see a special exhibit. Stopped along the way to call in an accident and wait until help arrived for the two cars involved. Got to the museum--CLOSED! All that driving for nothing.

On the way home, decided to do some returns and post-Christmas shopping. When Andrew saw we were going to drive by the Ferris Wheel he's been begging to ride for months, he pleaded his case again. Well, since our plans were a mess, we figured it would be something fun to do. Nathan rode with us and he liked when we came down each time and when we got off. He did not like going up or over the top. His poor little body shook so hard--I held him tight.

Andrew was not deterred by this. He had so much fun the first time that he wanted to go again--solo this time. So we all watched him take another ride on the wheel. Rebekah and I were by the exit while Sean & Nathan went to the upper level to cheer Andrew on. While passing the time, Nathan found a tree camouflage ATV helmet--complete with limbs and leaves. Fun is what you make it--right?!?

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

I HATE ferris wheels! Even the pictures freak me out. I can identify with Nathan -- just get me down. Now a roller coaster, oh yeah.

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