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Saturday, July 16, 2022

A Case for Heaven Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

THE CASE FOR HEAVEN is a new film showing exclusively on Pure Flix starting July 15, 2022. THE CASE FOR HEAVEN is based on the new book by best-selling author Lee Strobel, who wrote The Case for Christ. I had the opportunity to preview the movie and it was even better than I had hoped it would be. 

We are taken through some of the history of near-death experiences (NDE) and how they can be proven/disproven. From there, we get to meet and hear from people who had a NDE and from those who have studies NDE. I was so fascinated by the stories and the way scripture was dove-tailed into the stories. Lee Strobel has never been afraid to tackle controversial subjects, and this is no different. I appreciated hearing both sides of the argument. For those who don't know, Lee Strobel is a best-selling author and former atheist turned Christian apologist

Synopsis: We all want to know what happens after we die. In THE CASE FOR HEAVEN, best-selling author and investigative journalist Lee Strobel explores the evidence for the afterlife in order to address man’s biggest fear: death. Inspired by his own brush with death, Strobel searches for answers to the most profound questions we all have, about heaven, hell, and Near-Death Experiences. Featuring interviews with experts and skeptics, THE CASE FOR HEAVEN will challenge, encourage and inspire as Strobel dares to probe the most important question. If there is a heaven, can we prove it?

Lee Strobel says, "Viewers will be surprised, captivated and encouraged by 'The Case for Heaven,' a beautiful and compelling film. It will dispel many of their misconceptions about the afterlife. I’m thrilled with the enthusiastic reception the documentary has received so far – and I can't wait for an even wider audience to experience it." I think everyone will enjoy seeing the interviews with best-selling author John Burke, world-renowned pastor Francis Chan, the late Evangelist Luis Palau and more.


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