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Friday, November 04, 2016

All natural cleaning - pretty amazing results

Friday is still pretty busy for me since our high school team is ranked #1 in the state and we are in playoffs. I spend my afternoon cooking and taking food to school so we can feed a gaggle of hungry high school band students. 

Recently, I had several major spills and boil-overs in my oven. It was looking like this:

Today before lunch, I sprinkled half a box of baking soda all over the bottom of the oven, then dribbled vinegar over the baking soda. I let it bubble and foam, and let it sit for an hour while Sean and I had lunch. 

Came home and used paper towels and a pot scraper (the kind used to clean baking stoneware). For very little effort, here was my result:

It's not perfect, but for fast cleaning and no chemicals, I'm impressed. I only spent 15-20 minutes and got this far. I intend to do a second round on the stubborn spots, but I'm thrilled it will no longer smell like burned food each time I cook. 

I have been trying to use less chemicals in our home and think this might be a winner! 

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