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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Putter's Pride in Denver Area #Review and #Discount

Disclosure: I was given free passes in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Putter's Pride is a fun-loving miniature golf haven in the big city. We were staying downtown in the concrete jungle of Denver when we discovered this little gem. You see, my family loves miniature golf. They thrive on it. They seem to instinctively understand where the 'sweet spot' will be to best hit the ball into the hole in minimal strokes. Meanwhile, I struggle just to make it through the front 9 before I quit. I do not find the sweet spot and I seldom feel like I have control when the ball goes in the hole. It's luck and a few prayers. 

But the rest of my family, the Fearsome Foursome, absolutely LOVES mini golf. So they thought Putter's Pride was a really fun treat. It has many of  the usual features of mini golf, but a few bonus items that really made their time even more fun. 

I think the second favorite hole was the dinosaur hole. I'm not sure the hole was so difficult as lining up this shot. (I mean camera shot, you know.) Keep reading to find out about the favorite hole. 

The kids (both the big kid and the little ones) had such a fun time that we decided to keep on golfing. They were having so much fun I had to talk them into pausing for lunch. 

Debating the best way to play the hole.

Nathan has a look of fierce determination.
He's going to make--that--shot!

The hardest course has the best 18th hole. It's an outhouse. You have to try to get the ball in the toilet bowl. Crazy funny. we couldn't stop laughing. And of course, I didn't get a good shot of it. Let me tell you it is worth the trip to see and play on the outhouse hole. It was our favorite hole at Putter's Pride. 

Overall, we had a terrific time at Putter's Pride and look forward to visiting the Denver area and this course again. Be sure to get your discount coupon which is good for birthday parties as well. Receive Buy 1 Round Get 1 Round FREE Or 20% Off Birthday parties. Can't beat a deal like that!!

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