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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Black Day: The Monster rock band (Children's Book) Releases Today #BlackDayBook

Disclosure: I was given a PDF copy of the book to read in exchange for my review...and I'm super stoked that Marcus' book is in print as of today!

There are some things that are so thrilling to me that I can hardly breathe because I get so excited. This review is one of them. I've been honored to review a lot of authors over time. I've even met some really famous authors and even had lunch with a few of them after book signings. I even go to church with a famous author. Even with all the author blessings I have in my life, to hold in my hands and read the book Black Day: The Monster rock band holds extra special joy for me because of who the author is. 

Congratulations, Marcus Sikora. Another dream of yours has come true today! 

And to Mardra Sikora, co-author and mom to Marcus, wowza! Mardra and I have been BFF's since high school and my husband and I hold the honor of being the first babysitters for Marcus. So when I see the Black Day books and hold one in my hand, I cry because he's my boy, too. 

Marcus is an incredibly funny guy with imagination that never ends. He gives some of the best hugs on the planet. He is an actor and singer as well as a writer. Oh, and he happens to have a spare chromosome. He's got 3 of #21 which means he has Down syndrome. But I never want that to be what defines him--he's Marcus, he's awesome, and he's a published author. The other label is meaningless to anyone who knows him.

As of today--his birthday--he is a published author. And I've read it and I have to tell you it's totally amazing. It's a hard-cover, full color story with beautiful illustrations by Noah Witchell. The talented Noah is also helping animate the DVD short and if I understand it all correctly, he's making the movie 3D. Awesome!!! (PS--shameless plug for the DVD as my oldest boy, Andrew, is the voice of Dracula.)

We are not big Halloween fans in our house--but the idea of monsters seeming scary and needing to neutralize the 'scary monster thoughts' makes this book perfect. It gives monsters voice to show they aren't mean or scary. They just want to have fun like the rest of us. They want friends and to be able to make a band if they want. So if you're a Halloween lover, you will love the book. If you're like me and one the fence about the whole day, you'll still love the book. 

About the book:
Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star, so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer’s garage, he really wants to join.
The band’s monsters have a different idea and send him away, “No humans!”
Brad sets out to change their minds, but the monsters have bigger problems than finding a bass player.
Halloween may never be the same again.

The book is $20 and can be purchased online at the Black Day Book website for delivery in July. Or you can order online at My Book Orders and for Omaha peeps, the Bookworm at 90 & Center is carrying the title as well. Don't miss the book signing on July 11 at 1:00 p.m. at the Bookworm. Marcus would love to meet you and sign your book. (My suggestion for Omaha folks - buy your copy now and bring it to the signing...then you KNOW you have it!)

And let me leave you with a little bit more about the author. 
Marcus Sikora is a 25 year old creative soul who has Down syndrome and lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He has acted on stage with local and national companies as well as written a short one act. Black Day: The monster rock band is his first book for children. When he’s not watching theater, singing, or working out, he’s contemplating the sequel, title yet to be determined. You can connect with Marcus and his adventures via Twitter @marcusmusical, on Facebook at GrownUpsAndDowns, and

Make sure you get yourself a copy of this book!

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