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Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Fun for All Ages

What do you do for summer fun? In our house, it's a little more mixed up. When you have an elementary student, a middle school student and a high school student in the same house, it's hard to find an activity that is a good fit for EVERYONE. Makes vacations a little more interesting for us.

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that my husband and I are museum freaks. We love museums. Nothing like them for fun and learning combined. Locally, we try to make a trip (or two or three) every summer to the Durham Museum to see the trains and the summer exhibit. We usually purchase a pass to the Durham so we can go repeatedly. Same thing with the zoo--we like to pop in every so often to see a movie, visit one or two things and leave. Other days we will spend hours roaming and seeing the exhibits.

Moving out of museums, the little ones still like spraygrounds and parks. The teenager, not so much. We try to arrange to do these activities while he has other plans. Or we leave him at home...sometimes I force him to come with me to help corral the kids. The nice thing about spraygrounds and parks is that they are free. An inexpensive water option is the public pool. There are so many good pools to visit in the Omaha area.

Then there's the make your own fun kind of a thing. I'm always surprised at how few people are aware of Roadside America. What a treasure this site is for anyplace in America. It's all the fun stuff we like to do, consolidated. While we haven't made it to everything on the list, we've done quite a few. This summer, I'd like to get my picture taken with Chef Boyardee (in front of the ConAgra building). 

I'm not sure how to find them, but we still look for the J. Doe's that were done years ago. That summer, we tried to get to and take a photo with every single one. So as we find them today, we get new pictures. 

And for rainy days or indoor (too hot to be outside days), we still like to have family game time. Spoons is our current favorite game. We also like several board games and will play many different games over the summer. 

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