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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Monster Jam 2014 #Review

Monster Trucks lined up ready to go.

This gives you an idea of how big those trucks really are.
(Zombie Truck & Pit Crew Member)
Imagine yourself as a parent of a child with autism. And imagine discovering that child is so sensitive to sound that he can hear pencils scratching on paper, the hum of a fan that is 'silent' and voices down the hallway talking 'out of earshot'. 

Then imagine that your child is older and you are now a blogger and you're asked if you want to review a monster truck show. As a 'girly-girl', you think it's kind of funny and tell your family that we could go if we want to. Then imagine this son saying, "Which monster truck show is it?" (I'm thinking--there's more than one?!?!) And imagine when you say Monster Jam his face lights up and he says, "That's the show with Grave Digger and El Toro Loco...and the Hot Wheels truck. I think I would like to go to that with you!" Imagine that you--the person who never misses a beat and always has SOMETHING to say--is speechless. 

If you can imagine all of that--you are living my reality. 

I'm still a little stunned at the whole thing. So today, we had the wonderful opportunity to go see Monster Jam 2014. Wow!! And when Nathan became worried this past week about the noise, we told him he needed to take his earplugs (we all wore them) and we had to stay for the first 30 minutes for Mom to get pics for the blog. Then we can leave. Guess what--he made it to the very end and even debated standing in the (very long) line for photos. We ended up not standing in the line and went for a little snack after the show. 

Nathan with his custom earplugs.

But still smiling during the loudest part..with hands over earplugs and ears. 

Rebekah loved the Dalmation car (Monster Mutt is the official name). And the driver (a girl) won the race and almost won the freestyle. 

There's even Motor Cross and BMX and all kinds of other events. But the Monster Trucks is the main event. 

Overall, it was a fantastic show. It was loud...and chilly because they have to leave the doors open to air out fumes and to get the trucks in and out. But earplugs and a coat and we were good. In fact, we look forward to Monster Jam 2015 when we can go again. 

Freestyle (Iron Man)
Wheelie Competition

Disclosure: I was provided free tickets to this event in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Mardra said...

I thought about the Roberts faily when we went Friday night. SO happy everyone could stay and enjoy the whole show. Marcus did too - I was surprised.
Of course I was not surprised that Paul loved the show.
Or that Tim got some great pictures. HA! Never would have guessed, huh?

Rebecca said...

wow monster jams are the bomb. My husband loves these kind of events and i've been hoping to get tickets to one near us

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