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Friday, November 01, 2013

Werther's Baking Caramels Review - #WerthersBakingBash #WerthersCaramel

Did you know Werther's makes baking caramels? I didn't know until I was selected to host a Werther's Original MommyParty. Let me be the first to tell you, these little creamy packets of caramel yumminess aren't just for baking. Before I got any baking done, I opened a bag to sample one...and then another...and then a bag was gone. Not sure how it happened. I'll say that since they are for baking, they aren't as sticky as a candy caramel so I can eat them without feeling like my teeth will be pulled from my mouth. 

I had a little get-together and we did some baking. Several of these mom friends asked not to be shown, so I have some great pics of the wine bottle while we waited for our caramel to melt and our brownies to bake. 

Here's a bad picture of our yummy brownie bites. Just a regular boxed brownie mix put into mini muffin tins. Then we inserted a caramel in the middle. Some of us put the caramels higher than the others (hence the creepier looking tops). But caramel topped or caramel center, these were delicious!!!

Our other creation is one I forgot to photograph at first...we were too busy eating it. We cut up apples into chunks and put on a plage. Drizzled with melted chocolate chips and then with melted Werther's Baking Caramels. The picture doesn't do it justice. So yummy my mouth is watering thinking about it. 

If you would like to try Werther's Original Baking Caramels, be sure to visit Werther's Caramel Shoppe for money saving coupons, recipes and information about Werther's and the Caramels. 

Disclosure: Ireceived free Werther's Original products in order to host the Werther's Original sponsored MommyParty. All opinions are my own.

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