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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 9-11 Remembered

Life is not measured
by the number of breaths we take,
But by the moments
that take our breath away. 

Photo Credit: Source Unknown

This collage represents my memories from 9-11. I had one child and was 5 months pregnant with my second. Andrew had preschool that morning so we had the TV on, but it was tuned to Disney Channel. Daddy (Sean) was out of town, in Delaware  on a business trip. We got in the car and KLOVE was on the radio. Halfway to preschool, they gave an update. An update on an event that I didn't know was happening. As I heard the basics, I turned the radio off to keep Andrew from hearing. He was 3...almost 4...his birthday just days after today. I didn't want him to hear this scary stuff.

I went home and spent the hours of preschool glued to my television. Watching one tower go, eventually the second. I cried buckets of tears. I videotaped 8 hours of coverage and watched it at night when Andrew went to bed. I sheltered him hard. He finally saw the footage on the 10th anniversary. And he was as horrified 10 years later as I was on the first day. I'm glad I kept him from it. 

I tried to reach Sean--but circuits were overloaded in Delaware and on the whole East Coast. I got a message to his hotel, but they told me they were having trouble getting calls out, they could only take incoming calls. I knew he was safe, even though the planes that hit the towers probably flew directly over his hotel on the way to NYC. I was wondered about Andrew's birthday party on Saturday and if I should postpone. Sean & his coworkers took their two rental cars and drove two days cross-country. He made it home for Andrew's 4th birthday. 

The other thing I remember most is the silence of the skies. In my whole life, there had never been a time of no airplanes. It's eerie. No drone, no contrails in the sky. Just silence. It was only interrupted by the daily practice runs out of the air force base. Some pilots practicing touch and go's (practice landing, but you touch wheels down then take off again). The difference? I'd never seen Air Force planes with missiles attached when they flew overhead. 

I remember thinking America was just horrifically forced to grow up. And that's true. We lost our innocence that day and had to come face to face with a new form of evil. And I remember how we came together as a country to mourn, to celebrate our freedom and to show the world that we shall overcome.

Andrew doesn't remember that day. Nathan and Rebekah weren't born. 
I debated whether to post today or not. But my children need to know, need to remember. And this blog is for them as much as anyone else. So I want them to know that 9-11 will never be forgotten in this home. 

God bless America

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