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Friday, May 31, 2013

The awards keep on coming...

This one is to toot my own horn. I had to miss the last PTO meeting of the year at elementary school because we were at the awards banquet for band (where Andrew double lettered). The next day, I got a cryptic email from Rebekah's teacher just letting me know there was a package left for me in the office at school.

My self talk (be frightened of my brain!):
A package...hmmm....think, think, think......did I order anything for school? Nope. Odd time to get something from Box Tops, but maybe it's summer coordinator info. Odd that they sent it to school instead of home, but that's probably it. Must be Box Tops stuff. Will go get after lunch.

I walked into the office and said, "Nice flowers! Who are those for?"
Answer, "You."

Who knew?!?! I was named Volunteer of the Year at Rebekah's elementary school. I'm very honored and somewhat amazed. Yeah, I volunteer every Friday, but I didn't make it to volunteer at any other evening event this year. Too crazy with a freshman in Marching Band--most events were on game night. So if I had to pick a volunteer of the year, I'd pick one of those moms who is at every evening thing. But they picked me--and I am humbled and still amazed. At first I put my flowers on the front porch by the door so the whole world could enjoy...but then I can't see them. So I made Sean move them to the back porch. Now I see them from my kitchen window, from the dinner table, from the stove. I LOVE my flowers...and the meaning behind them.

I didn't volunteer to 'get' anything out of it. I only wanted to help at school because I believe parent involvement is the key to a successful school...and I think I should put my money where my mouth is. I get paid a hundred times over in hugs, smiles and hearing my name called out from every corner of the room. I get paid when I get to watch a child who has struggled with a particular word or sound master it. Watching their success is worth all the time I spend with them. It was never my intention to get an award, but I was blessed by the honor.


Renee said...

Congratulations! It's well deserved--especially how much you've volunteered through the years with 3 kids. You're AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Nice flowers!

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