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Monday, August 13, 2012

Disney Dreams: Animal Kingdom

For our first full Disney Day, we went to Animal Kingdom. We knew we'd get a later start on the day as we had to check out of the rental house and check into our resort. It was HOT that day and the lines were really long. We discovered on the first ride (Kilimanjaro Safari) that having a special needs pass for Nathan was going to be the golden ticket for our week at Disney. As he melts down when overloaded with too much sensory stimulation (including crowds, flashing lights, loud noises and lines), the pass really saved us on many occasions. As we told Nathan, this was a good day to have autism. 


This reticulated giraffe got up close and personal with us.

Baby elephant

Post safari ride, we headed down to see the Lion King show. One of my favorite shows at Disney World.
Finale with all the cast members.

After the Lion King, we found a picture taking place. Rebekah (L) and Nathan (R). 
Yes, I'm aware that they look alike--kind of scary in a way. 

Of course we had to get some photos of the Tree of Life. The animals carved into the trunk are amazing.

Before we left, Andrew decided he was going to ride Expedition Everest. He's never been on a thrill ride or real roller coaster before. Rebekah really wanted to ride (we couldn't talk her out of it). But fortunate...ummm...sadly enough, she was too short. (Phew!)

Andrew had a blast and so did we. That was truly one of the best coaster rides I've ever been on. Next time, I might have to skip the safari and ride this a few more times. 

Because I love the attention to every detail, I had to take a photo of the lantern light. See the animals and the tree of life on it?
Tired but happy Rebekah at the end of our first park day.

Nathan, Tio & Andrew

What a cute mug!

What a wonderful first day. Oh--the photo is on Sean's phone, but we had a fun experience at lunch. I'm known in my family as the person who knows everyone. While that's not really true, I've been in enough groups around town that we very rarely go somewhere where I don't know anyone. We always run into random classmates, MOPS friends, P.E.O. sisters, etc. in any restaurant, store, museum, etc.

So we're getting refills on our drinks before we leave the restaurant and I suddenly say, Hi Kristy--is that you? Sean about dropped pops everywhere. Yup, sure enough. I ran into somebody I knew. She's the mom of one of Andrew's school friends. They happen to be at Disney same time we are. I grab Andrew, announce that I found someone I knew and took him to see his friend. 

Yup, I ran into someone I knew. 

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