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Monday, July 23, 2012

Disney Dreams: The arrival

Welcome to our first airplane ride in about four or five years.
Daddy and Rebekah

Mommy and Nathan

When your the teenager (Andrew), you get to sit all by to someone you don't know. 

At the Orlando airport, you wait in the terminal for a monorail-type shuttle to come get you. They have windows so you can watch for the approach of the shuttle.


Rebekah had to give Mickey a kiss

Rebekah being goofy and Nathan is 'too cool' by Mickey.

This summer we were blessed beyond belief to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was a time of great celebration as my sister and husband, father and mother, and my family of 5 all came together in Florida. It's an early celebration of my parent's 50th Anniversary. We were also there for my sis/bro anniversary (#14) and just a couple weeks before Sean and my anniversary (#21).

The lovely gal at check-in figured out we have 85 years of marriage between the three of us. Wow! That's something to celebrate.

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