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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Life is not measured 
by the number of breaths we take, 
but by the moments 
that take our breath away.

 Rebekah wanted a Happy Napper for Christmas. She didn't get one on Christmas day, but when we got home and opened presents here, there was one under the tree.

For those who don't know, a Happy Napper is a pillow and a pet (but not a Pillow Pet--that's different). The pet comes inside a house with a doorbell that works. Then you unzip the door, turn it inside out and it becomes the pet. Unzip the flap again and turn it inside out so that you have the house again.

Rebekah got the ladybug in the pink house. When you ring her doorbell, you hear the ladybug snoring.

The day after she got her Happy Napper, she was carrying it around and told me, 
"Mommy, I've ALWAYS wanted a Happy Napper. Now my life is complete!"

There you have it. 
Nirvana at age 5...because she has a Happy Napper. 
So glad that $19.99 made her whole world complete. 
Whew! That was easier than I thought. (giggle)

And here's princess Rebekah who had a sick day on Friday. She fell asleep on her Happy Napper while watching TV and her brothers were at their piano lesson. We walked into this precious scene on our couch. 

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