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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Andrew is 14--Check out the Bashes

Andrew got to have the annual tri-fecta of parties. We went to Pizza Hut when Tio & Tia were in town for pizza partying with family. My BFF made the yummiest cupcakes!

Then on his birthday, we went with Poppa & Grandma to a steakhouse. He had a big steak dinner and got this yummy dessert for his birthday. Brownie, ice cream, chocolate drizzle. It was good!

But what birthday would be complete without a party. He had four of his friends come over AND two of his teachers. We had pizza and fellowship before we went to play Lazer Tag and video games at a local arcade. I'm not sure who had more fun--the kids or the adults. I laughed harder than I've laughed in years.

Back to the ranch for Oreo Blizzard Cake and a sleepover for the boys. Although why they call it a sleepover is beyond me. Andrew crashed around 5am, the other boys around 6am. They all got 3 hours of sleep. Crazy kids!!!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!! Hope your day was as awesome as you!

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