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Friday, July 29, 2011

Where the Heck is Wall Drug, SD??

If you've ever been in South Dakota, surely you've seen the signs. They are everywhere at the side of the road. They start some 400 miles away. They promote the free ice water, the 5-cent coffee and free donuts and coffee for honeymooners. It's--WALL DRUG!!!

In the main hallway, there are some folks who will pose for photos. Nathan chose a cowboy.

Rebekah chose to imitate the cigar smoking poker player.
Andrew chose not to be photographed in such a manner.

Out in the backyard, Nathan hopped into the saddle.

Rebekah wanted a turn.

I made the whole family pose by Mount Rushmore - the small one, from Wall Drug. (Anyone see Despicable Me???)

Sean chose to pick Abe's nose. Poor Abe!

Sean and the Jackalope. (Insert your own joke here.)

There's now a T-rex on display. And every 12 minutes, he billows smoke from his nose, rattles his cage and ROARS!!!

Rebekah & Nathan waiting for the dinosaur. They weren't too sure about the whole thing.

The back of Andrew's new Tshirt. The front is a picture of Mount Rushmore. The back are two buffaloes looking at naked bottoms. The first buffalo says to the second, "As far as I can tell, we're behind Mount Rushmore." As an added bonus, the rear-ends glow in the dark.

Ice Water has been free at Wall Drug since the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. It's still free today.

We all had to have a cup (or two or twelve) of free ice water on the day the temps hit 108.

Sean's new Facebook profile picture.

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