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Saturday, May 21, 2011

District Music Festival 2011

Guess who is going to State Music Festival???

Yup, BOTH my boys. They both got a superior rating for their playing. Andrew moved up to a Level 3A (much harder than the 2B) this year and while he was feeling the pain of the more difficult songs and theory, he managed to play almost flawlessly. I was extra-proud because we walked in 25 min. early (they tell you to be 15-20 min. early) and his judge is standing in the hall waiting for kids to arrive. She was SOOOO ahead of schedule. So he walked into the building, to the room and had to play without mental prep time. I was worried! He made a couple small errors but kept playing like a champ.

Then we got even better news last week. Both boys scored over a 90% on their theory so they BOTH receive a Certificate of Excellence in Music Theory. Andrew got a 95%. That's amazing because his practice theory test two weeks prior was only a 65%. He studied hard and we taught him some of the things he didn't know yet.

The great news doesn't stop there--Nathan managed to get a 100% on his theory test. Wowza!!!! He also gets his name listed in the Music Teacher Newsletter. I'm so proud of both of them. This fall we'll get to take a 'working' vacation and spend a weekend at the state music festival. Always a fun time (well, for us it is--there's a little bit of stress and pressure on the boys, but we work in a ton of fun, too).

Finally, before photos were done, Rebekah needed to have a picture with her brothers. Andrew had already escaped to change into comfy clothes so here's a proud Rebekah with Nathan.

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