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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Down on the farm

Took a family day to spend time "down on the farm." It was family weekend at a local farm so we went for the day. First thing we saw were the horses. Rebekah can't leave any horse un-petted. All horses must know she loves them.

Nathan was cold so we switched coats and found the "Welcome to the Farm" window.

We were able to catch a couple special exhibits like the Raptors and the Exotic Animals. I didn't get many photos because it was so dark in there. We also had the chance to get inside the star lab which shows how to find constellations in the sky and the stories behind the constellations.

Here's a photo of one of the Raptors.

Then back to the horses and ponies to let the younger ones have a ride. 
Nathan and Rebekah enjoyed pony rides.  

 Check out the painted hay bales. We thought they were really cute.

Rebekah sticking out her tongue at the camera. She was inside a HUGE log. I wanted a family shot in the log, but that didn't work out so well for me.

Scarecrow girl.

Rebekah (obviously) was more interested in photo taking than the boys. They mainly wanted to see the special exhibits of exotic and wild animals. This turtle is carved from a tree that had to be removed when it was damaged and leaning over the picnic pavilion.

My boys thought this was the funniest sign, "SLOW Children Playing". They didn't see it in the same light that Sean & I did. Thought I'd split my side laughing. 

One final decorated hay bale on our way out. What a full and fun day!

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