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Sunday, August 15, 2010

When mom's away, the others play

While I was at a MOPS retreat, my family scored tickets to the baseball game and Christian concert. Sean wasn't sure he'd be able to take all three without another helper and survive, but he attempted and succeeded. Way to go, honey!!! (I suggested taking a sitter with the spare ticket, but he couldn't find one on short notice.)

Pregame, they saw the Great Clips car. Nathan and Andrew spotted the Autism Speaks logo on the car (it's a puzzle piece). I guess Rebekah wasn't interested in this photo, but she made up for it later.

During the game, she saw her favorite mascot...

Then Daddy & Rebekah tried to get a photo of themselves...

but Rebekah felt she needed to hold the camera instead...
Much nicer smile.

After the game were fireworks

And a concert by Rebecca St. James

They said Rebekah was dancing up a storm. Andrew tried catching some of her moves, but it was too dark. He did catch her wearing her sunglasses at night (stage in the background).

While that's cute, the cutest part of the evening was the "Shake Your Booty" dance during an inning break. Sean captured this video and we've been laughing ever since. What a cute boot!

Not only did Sean manage with 3 to 1 odds, they all came home in one piece. Tired (it was after 11pm when they got home), but they made a memory with their dad.

And me? I was tired, too. I stayed up WAY too late chatting and making new friends. We got a lot planned and ready to go for our MOPS year and I even did my nails. We sunned and swam at the lake and relaxed with each other. I was tired, but refreshed. Since they had my camera at home, I'll have to get photos from some other MOPS moms and post those another day.

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