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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swab the Deck at the Pirate Pool

We had the chance to check out a 'new to us' pool and water slide. I've heard of it the past couple of years, but timing has never worked out to go. I tried to go with friends this summer, but the reality is one me and three kids (two of whom are non-swimmers) makes me nervous and tense. I figured the whole family was the only way to get to go.

We met up with friends at the Pirate Pool and Andrew & his buddy took off for the water slides. They did that most of the night. Rebekah & Daddy swam together most of the night. I talked to the other mom most of the night (tee hee) and watched Nathan splash in and out of the sprayers in the zero depth entry area.

Here Nathan and Rebekah are both going up the outside of the pirate ship (slide) and sliding down the deck into the water.

I did go down the water slides a few times before they closed. It was a fun evening and we're planning to head back next year for more pirate fun. Argh!

1 comment:

Shalet said...

Jumped over from BlogHer. That looks like a great pool. It's never easy with three kids is it? :o)

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