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Monday, November 10, 2008

Rebekah's Photos

Rebekah didn't really feel like cooperating with the photographer. She didn't nap this day (too much hammering going on with the new siding) so she was crashing. I kept feeding her sugar to try to keep her happy through the shoot. She would be in a photo--if nobody touched her. Try that with FIVE people in a family picture.

During our family photos, she wanted to jump. Addie caught her mid-air on this one. Notice the rest of us are ready and waiting to get the family photo taken.

We tricked her into some cute pictures. Dad was flying her in the air and she'd laugh at him. If I even looked into the room, she'd cry and yell at me. Can you feel the love?!?! Then we got her singing a Kindermusik song where you go high at the end. She did put her hands up and it turned out cute.

Here she is with the love of her life for that day...Daddy. The first photo is him getting ready to fly her in the air. The second one is her doing the "Carpenter's Hammer" song from Kindermusik. She's being the saw that goes 'see-saw-see' in a side to side motion. I was surprised the photographer could find anything usable from her section of the shoot!!!

This is my favorite photo. I uploaded the B&W the other day. Here it is in color. It's these sorts of precious moments that help Rebekah survive. :-)

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